New technologies have revolutionised learning and development. CIPD research highlights the shift from instruction to interaction as collaborative tools help employees to learn in the flow of work. Digital learning, online collaboration tools and augmented reality experiences have enhanced the way people professionals design, deliver, transfer and evaluate learning. These technology solutions can help people professionals respond quickly to the changing needs of the organisation, deliver employee-focused learning, and provide data-driven insights that, in turn, maximise development and investment. See the CIPD resources for learning and development to discover ways to develop your employees and use effective L&D programmes. 

As these technologies become more sophisticated and commonplace, it is crucial for people professionals to ensure that their use is responsible, ethical and compliant with relevant regulations.

This guide examines how technology is used across the different stages of learning and development and introduces you to the benefits and risks of using technology to equip you with new knowledge to advocate for ethical and responsible practices.

People professionals can use this guide to navigate the complex world of technology-driven learning and development and apply the guiding principles of responsible technology use to create engaging and impactful learning experiences within their organisations.

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Using technology responsibly to
manage people

Our guides on how people professionals can lead on the responsible use of technology within organisations

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