In the evolving world of work, new specialisms, ways of working and priorities have emerged – and with them, the role of the people profession has diversified. Today's people professionals are called on to apply their expertise in people, work and change to drive sustainable value for people, organisations and society.


Our survey The people profession in 2018 explores career paths and professional priorities in today’s people profession. It aims to help practitioners at every level and in all roles to gain insight into the variety of ways in which people professionals progress in their careers. We worked with the Institute for Human Resource Professionals in Singapore (IHRP) and the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) to create a snapshot of the profession, in order to indicate where we may develop and support the people profession now and in the future.

Our survey of 1,332 people professionals (encompassing HR, learning and development, organisational development, and organisational change) in Asia-Pacific (APAC) highlights a positive picture of today’s people professionals experiencing meaning in their work and feeling empowered to exercise their professional judgement.

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Report: The people profession in Asia Pacific – 2018

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Infographic: The people profession in Asia Pacific – 2018

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Key findings

  • Across the APAC countries, people professionals tended to feel that their career progression has met their expectations, and that the work they do is meaningful. Overall, the main barriers to career progression were lack of opportunities with their employer and organisational politics.
  • Australian respondents were most likely to report that their job gives them the opportunity to express themselves as a professional (74%). People professionals in Malaysia (44%) and Hong Kong (45%) were the most likely of the APAC countries to feel that there’s a conflict between what their organisation expects them to do and what they feel is appropriate according to their professional judgement.
  • Personal experience is the top source of evidence used in decision-making across the APAC countries, followed by organisational data and insights from experts.

The People Profession: now and for
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