Technology has become increasingly integrated in different facets of our lives, and not least at work. From how it's used to support functions, manage people to how it enables community, it’s important that we explore people’s perceptions of technology and how those perceptions influence their engagement and participation. The CIPD, in partnership with HiBob, has commissioned a survey of over 2,000 HR and other bosses to understand their views on technology and gain insight on what’s practised in their organisations. 

From October 2022 to May 2023, we’ll unveil new findings and implications on different aspects of technology and its impact on the workplace and people management. Among the issues, we’ll explore what bosses think about using software to monitor remote workers, and examine their approach to using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, in areas such as recruitment and performance management.  

The series will also cover HR software – specifically, a look at the three-year software investment plans of HR bosses within the context of their organisation’s business focus. We’ll delve into the types of HR software that organisations with 50 or more employees have and use, and what HR bosses like and dislike about it.

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‘Tech savvy’
HR practice

How does becoming ‘tech savvy’ improve your professional standing and the HR practice in your organisation?

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