The terms and conditions of employment are the elements of a contract defining the employment relationship between the employer and employee. 

Discover our resources regarding the legislation governing the terms and conditions of employment. This includes the types of employment contract, the written statement of particulars and notice periods.


Regularly-updated factsheets provide overviews and information on a topic

1 Factsheets about Terms and conditions of employment
Zero-hours contracts
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of zero-hours contracts, recent UK legislative changes, and good practices to follow

Employment law

Practical resources to help you address employment law issues at work, and keep up with recent and pending legislation.

1 Employment law about Terms and conditions of employment
Employment law
Terms and conditions of employment: UK employment law
Explore our collection of resources covering terms and conditions of employment, including Q&As and relevant case law
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Research and analysis by experts from CIPD and partner organisations

5 Reports about Terms and conditions of employment
The gig economy: What does it really look like?
A policy report providing latest insights on the scale and nature of the UK’s gig economy
Zero-hours contracts: evolution and current status
An evaluation of the use and impact of zero-hours contracts
Working Lives Northern Ireland
Dedicated analysis of job quality and its impact on working lives in Northern Ireland
Employer/employee views of zero-hours contracts
Survey evidence on how and why employers use zero-hours and short-hours contracts, and employees' characteristics, attitudes and preferences when it comes to these types of contract
Zero-hours contracts: myth and reality
Research findings and recommendations to improve practice in the use of zero-hours contracts

Thought leadership

Insight and foresight from our experts in people and the world of work

3 Thought leadership about Terms and conditions of employment
Thought leadership
New statutory code not enough to prevent future P&O Ferries-type sackings
Ben Willmott talks about why UK Government plans for a new code of practice to ensure employers consult with workers when changing employment conditions will fail to stop unfair treatment, as press reports suggest the long-awaited Employment Bill is to be further delayed
Thought leadership
One election down, one to go- what does it mean for CIPD members?
Marek Zemanik discusses the public policy decisions being made in Scotland and Northern Ireland and how people professionals can get involved to help shape the future world of work
Thought leadership
Protecting jobs and incomes during the COVID-19 crisis
Ben Willmott examines the UK Government’s schemes to support workers through the coronavirus pandemic, specifically looking at wage subsidies and the self-employed

Bitesize research

Your regular overview of current research, inspiring insights and cutting-edge ideas in bitesize

1 Bitesize research about Terms and conditions of employment
Bitesize research
Unpredictable working hours
Looking beyond zero-hours contracts

Policy engagement

Our calls for action.

1 Policy engagement about Terms and conditions of employment
Policy engagement
Calculating fairer holiday entitlement for flexible workers in the UK
Read our recommendations to the UK’s Department for Business and Trade

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