Why is the responsible use of technology important? 

Technology can provide opportunities to optimise outcomes for organisations and their people. CIPD research shows that the use of technology can improve productivity, enhance job quality and provide good work. Yet where good practices in implementing technology are overlooked, technology can reduce return on investment, undermine workers’ wellbeing and performance, and even result in the loss of valuable skills. 

What do we mean by ‘technology’?

In this guide series, ‘technology’ is defined in its broadest sense. It can include: ‘Artificial intelligence and machine learning, the internet, the internet of things, big data analysis, digital technologies; combining and applying these technologies in diverse ways; and the collection of techniques and processes used by people in relation to these technologies.’ (CIPD, 2022). 

What do we mean by ‘responsible’?

In this guide series, ‘responsible’ is defined as: ‘having ethical and sustainable practices that consider and involve the workforce and other stakeholders during business decision-making’ (CIPD, 2022a). 

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