Skills are key in delivering economic performance of an organisation as well as social mobility. In the UK, there is a focus on the supply of skills rather than the skills that employers need.

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Regularly-updated factsheets provide overviews and information on a topic

One Factsheet about Skills development
Skills development in the UK workplace
Understand what we mean by skills in the workplace, UK skill levels and the government’s skills policy.


Designed for practitioners, our guides provide recommendations and advice on how to apply good practice in the workplace.

One Guide about Skills development
Using and deploying skills effectively in the workplace
This guide offers advice on assessing skills, planning skills development and deploying and redeploying staff
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Research and analysis by experts from CIPD and partner organisations

11 Reports about Skills development
CIPD Good Work Index: Northern Ireland
A Northern Ireland summary of the CIPD Good Work Index 2024 survey report
CIPD Good Work Index: Wales
A Wales summary of the CIPD Good Work Index 2024 survey report
CIPD Good Work Index: North of England
A North of England summary of the CIPD Good Work Index 2024 survey report
HR practices in Ireland
The annual HR practices in Ireland survey helps you to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the profession
Learning and skills at work
Our survey report and case studies, produced in partnership with Accenture, examine current practices and trends in learning and development (L&D)
Building HR capability in small UK firms
An evaluation of the People Skills HR business support pilots programme
Attitudes to employability and talent
Explore individuals’ and employers' attitudes towards employability and responsibilities for career development in the UK
Employee Outlook: skills and careers
A third of employees are disappointed with their career progression. Discover the underlying causes of this dissatisfaction
The role of employers in unlocking workplace skills
Examines what the concept of employer ownership of skills means and the implications of a shift towards greater employer ownership
Over-qualification in the graduate labour market
Examines the evidence of graduate over-qualification in the UK and Europe, questioning the size of the higher education sector in relation to labour market needs
The business case for investing in young people
How to successfully recruit young people, the kind of employer support required and the benefits of doing so

Thought leadership

Insight and foresight from our experts in people and the world of work

10 Thought leadership about Skills development
Thought leadership
HR implications of Budget 2024
A summary of the key developments from Ireland’s Budget 2024 ‘Protecting living standards and safeguarding our future’, focusing on the measures most relevant to the people profession
Thought leadership
COVID-19 has reduced investment in skills and learning but also prompted organisations to be more future focused
Lizzie Crowley examines the results from CIPD’s Learning and Skills at Work Survey 2021, and discusses how the world of work will change after the pandemic
Thought leadership
Protecting young people from unemployment
Lizzie Crowley focuses on how the current pandemic will affect youth employment
Thought leadership
Upskilling and reskilling now to prepare for the post-pandemic economy
Lizzie Crowley discusses the importance of training and development of employees during the pandemic, and what the Government can be doing to support organisations through online courses
Thought leadership
Tackling the future ‘human’ skills deficit together
As technology drives a revolution in the workplace - transforming the way we work and the job opportunities available - Lizzie Crowley argues that it is human skills and capabilities that will always be important to how people work
Thought leadership
'Human' skills to be included in new 'essential skills framework'
Amie Evans argues that the skills we will need for the future are human
Thought leadership
Breaking down the barriers
Katherine Garrett discusses the important role employers have to play in helping young people reach their potential, even before they leave school
Thought leadership
AI can be used to free up staff to focus on the softer skills that machines can’t replicate
You could say we’ve entered a golden age of computers, where the sheer volume of data and vastly improved computing power have created the perfect conditions for developing artificial intelligence
Thought leadership
Wanted: Creativity and empathy hubs
Preparing students adequately for a world of work where the landscape will be all but unrecognisable by the time they get there is a massive undertaking
Thought leadership
Valuing your talent: Thought pieces
Discover expert opinion of how HR analytics and the reporting of human capital is changing the world of work


Listen to episodes from our podcast series on a range of topical workplace, HR and L&D issues.

Two Podcasts about Skills development
Leading from the heart: making an impact through soft skills
Episode 166: Nurturing and developing soft skills are essential for business, but how can a greater emphasis on utilising and measuring ‘softer’ skills can benefit your organisation?
Critical thinking
Episode 154: How to think well and reflect objectively on the ideas, opinions and arguments of others.


Webinar recordings providing expert guidance

Three Webinars about Skills development
CIPD Ireland – TUSLA: People are our strategy
Watch and learn what makes a great people team from the winner of the CIPD People Team of the Year award
Enhancing workforce potential through skills and learning
Watch the webinar from the CIPD Ireland regional series discussing trends in skills and talent management in 2024
Cutting edge career development to help organisations thrive
Watch the webinar from the CIPD Ireland regional series on how one organisation addressed challenges faced by early-career professionals

Bitesize research

Your regular overview of current research, inspiring insights and cutting-edge ideas in bitesize

Six Bitesize research about Skills development
Bitesize research
Addressing skills gaps and poor job quality among disadvantaged groups
Employers and job seekers alike can benefit when they collaborate to develop training and employment opportunities through local skills eco-systems
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Bitesize research
Six steps to upskilling your people
Help your organisation meet today’s skill-demands
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Bitesize research
Looking beyond degrees – the case for competency-based hiring
The arguments for revisiting your talent strategy
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Bitesize research
Working together to bridge the skills gap
Read summaries of these case studies
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Bitesize research
Transforming talent at AT&T
Read how AT&T created a new blueprint for sourcing future skills
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Bitesize research
Green skills – an opportunity wasted?
How realistic are expectations around extensive job creation and upskilling proving to be?
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CIPD Viewpoints

Our collected point of view on the key issues impacting work, from the perspective of employers and policy makers.

One CIPD Viewpoint about Skills development
CIPD Viewpoint
Essential skills
Explore the CIPD’s point of view on essential skills, including recommendations for employers

Policy engagements

Our calls for action.

Five Policy engagements about Skills development
Policy engagement
Calling for a comprehensive economic strategy to help the UK out of recession
Read our submission to the UK’s Chancellor, ahead of the March 2024 budget statement
Policy engagement
Calling for an Autumn Statement that drives economic growth and supports better work and working lives in the UK
Read the CIPD’s November 2023 submission to His Majesty’s Treasury
Policy engagement
CIPD Manifesto for Good Work
We’re calling on the UK Government to create a long-term workforce strategy centred on skilled, healthy and fair work
Policy engagement
A revitalised industrial strategy to boost innovation and productivity across all sectors of the UK's economy
We’ve been engaging with key stakeholders and policy makers to make the case for changes to a range of policy areas including skills development and labour market enforcement
Policy engagement
Comprehensive Spending Review
Read the CIPD's submission to Her Majesty's Treasury


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