CIPD Ireland provides annual insights on the experiences and concerns of the people profession in Ireland. Each year our HR Practices in Ireland survey is conducted in conjunction with the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick.


The CIPD HR practices in Ireland survey 2022 addresses the challenges and critical issues facing organisations from a people management perspective, how HR professionals are adding value to their organisations and driving positive change in how work is managed, valued and rewarded.

The environment in 2021 was challenging for organisations amid the continued impact of COVID-19. Understanding how the people profession and their organisations responded to these challenges, and their future plans, enable members to benchmark their practices and improve their impact.

While the profile of the profession was raised during the pandemic, our ongoing contribution and leadership will be more vital than ever as society and business adjust to new challenges as a result of COVID-19, economic uncertainty, and technological acceleration. While productivity rates are showing an upward trend, concerns exist around building a positive organisation culture.

The shift to dealing with skill shortages happened quickly, leading to the attraction and retention of employees becoming the top priority for 2022 and onwards. This has resulted in new strategies around recruitment and resourcing. We also found evidence of a great re-evaluation, with employees re-evaluating what they expect from their working life, and changing their expectations. Reengagement and reintegration of employees has moved centre stage, and increasing support for line managers is becoming a critical success factor. This is all feeding into the challenges of implementing hybrid and future ways of working, and lots of experimentation will be required to design the most effective working model.

We appreciate the support of our respondents in contributing to the survey, and many thanks to the research team of Christine Cross, Caroline Murphy and Juliette McMahon of Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick  for their delivery of this research.

HR practices in Ireland survey 2022

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