Environmental social governance is a framework that helps stakeholders understand how an organization is managing risks and opportunities. These are related to environmental, social, and governance criteria

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Regularly-updated factsheets provide overviews and information on a topic

Two Factsheets about Environmental social governance
Employer-supported volunteering
Learn about embedding employer-supported volunteering in your organisation, different types of opportunities and why it matters
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Workforce reporting
Learn about defining, measuring and reporting human capital, and how HR can use human capital information to drive performance
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Designed for practitioners, our guides provide recommendations and advice on how to apply good practice in the workplace.

Two Guides about Environmental social governance
How organisations can help tackle climate change
Guidance for HR professionals on how to embed environmental sustainability into all aspects of an organisation’s employee lifecycle
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Employee volunteering and social action
Ten practical tips and guidance for designing and implementing an employer-supported volunteering programme
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Research and analysis by experts from CIPD and partner organisations

Three Reports about Environmental social governance
Putting people professionals on the road to net zero
Insight from senior leaders on how they have led responsibly and maintained trust and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic
Effective workforce reporting: Improving people data for business leaders
An analysis of how people matters are currently reported and used by boards, including top tips and case studies for HR leaders on how to use metrics to influence organisational strategy
Responsible business through crisis
Insight from senior leaders on how they led responsibly and maintained trust and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic

Case studies

Learn from real world examples of how other people professionals and organisations work with the CIPD to approach key challenges and objectives.

15 Case studies about Environmental social governance
Case study
Embedding environmental sustainability initiatives in your organisation: Smurfit Kappa Group plc
A case study on embedding sustainability into your purpose and into the mindset and development of your people
Case study
Embedding environmental sustainability initiatives in your organisation: SUEZ
A case study on how SUEZ recycling and recovery UK has embedded sustainability into the employee experience and employee value proposition, while demonstrating to clients its efforts to improve its own operations
Case study
Embedding environmental sustainability initiatives in your organisation: Alliance Medical
A case study on the importance of creating a structured governance framework around sustainability to ensure it is consistently applied internationally
Case study
Embedding environmental sustainability initiatives in your organisation: Deloitte UK
A case study on empowering people to make greener choices
Case study
Embedding environmental sustainability initiatives: Case studies
How companies are implementing strategies from the top-down and engaging the whole workforce
Case study
Embedding environmental sustainability initiatives in your organisation: Dassault Systèmes
A case study on how to make sustainability part of everyone’s job
Case study
Embedding environmental sustainability initiatives in your organisation: PTHR
A case study on how you can make an impact as a small business
Case study
Community recruitment: Veolia
Case study on community outreach to aid inclusive recruitment
Case study
Ambitious goals, locally delivered: McDonald's UK & Ireland
Case study on how McDonald's achieved ambitious goals with a focus on local delivery
Case study
Leading on ethical food production: G's Fresh
Case study on ethical practice in food production
Case study
Creating a sustainable talent and skills pipeline: Siemens
Case study on creating a sustainable talent and skills pipeline
Case study
Connecting communities: Microsoft
Case study on connecting internal and external communities
Case study
Connecting with community: Case studies
The CIPD has spoken to a number of leaders and produced case studies around the work they are doing with communities and the role of the people profession in implementing this.
Case study
Community action: Severn Trent
Case study on creating thriving regions through community action
Case study
Home is where the heart is: WCHG
Case study on how making volunteering a strategic priority, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group has created a scheme that’s the beating heart of the community

Thought leadership

Insight and foresight from our experts in people and the world of work

Nine Thought leadership about Environmental social governance
Thought leadership
The role of responsible business in tackling the climate crisis
Lessons on integrating sustainability into your organisation’s purpose
Thought leadership
Putting people professionals on the road to net zero
Should there be more discussion around net zero? Marek Zemanik, Senior Public Policy Adviser at CIPD Scotland, lays out a sustainable path ahead for employers
Thought leadership
Sustainable buildings: rethinking workplaces for a healthier future
Toby Morgan of Climate Group explains how future-fitting your workspace benefits the climate, the workforce and the bottom line
Thought leadership
Connecting with community: How to lead the ‘S’ in ESG
We explore how HR leaders and teams are taking the ‘Social’ aspect of people strategy beyond the workforce and into the community
Thought leadership
The future of work: Insights for senior leaders on drivers of change
Our article series explores key trends shaping our future workplaces and working lives
Thought leadership
Bringing sustainability and people profession practices down to earth
Drive sustainability through people management behaviours and strategies
Thought leadership
Sustainable HR: A 'green' fad, or a realistic model for change?
This thought piece says that thinking beyond the performance imperative of strategic HRM and instead considering a more holistic, multi-stakeholder model is gaining traction in academic circles, but is the profession ready?
Thought leadership
The 'human factor' in business
How can you achieve efficient management so industry can prosper and ensure your business still has a soul and is seen as a trusted part of the community?
Thought leadership
Can capitalism be saved to better the world?
Capitalism is at a crossroads, with a growing perception that business is failing its obligations to society


Listen to episodes from our podcast series on a range of topical workplace, HR and L&D issues.

Two Podcasts about Environmental social governance
Why should environmental sustainability matter to people professionals?
Is environmental sustainability simply a passing trend for the PR-conscious? In this episode, we explore how people professionals can be agents of change for an important issue that has further reaching implications outside of their organisation.
The business case for environmental sustainability
Episode 174: Understanding the impact that your business and working practices are having on the environment is a vital first step in your sustainability journey. But how can organisations and people professionals embed environmental sustainability into the core of their business?


Webinar recordings providing expert guidance

One Webinar about Environmental social governance
Be the change you want to see: How our volunteers are making an impact during the pandemic
Watch our webinar to find out how our volunteers having been using their professional expertise to help others during the pandemic.

Bitesize research

Your regular overview of current research, inspiring insights and cutting-edge ideas in bitesize

Two Bitesize research about Environmental social governance
Bitesize research
Are ‘green’ jobs good jobs?
Lessons from the UK and EU to inform labour market transitions
For Members
Bitesize research
Can CSR improve employee outcomes?
Companies that go the extra mile with corporate social responsibility (CSR) could enhance employee commitment, engagement and performance
For Members

CIPD Viewpoints

Our collected point of view on the key issues impacting work, from the perspective of employers and policy makers.

One CIPD Viewpoint about Environmental social governance
CIPD Viewpoint
Responsible business
Explore the CIPD’s point of view on responsible business, including recommendations for employers

Policy engagements

Our calls for action.

Three Policy engagements about Environmental social governance
Policy engagement
The people profession has a key role to play in helping investors to assess companies’ social impact
Read our response to the UK’s Taskforce on Social Factors
Policy engagement
Non-financial reporting should look at social factors beyond ethics and diversity
We’ve teamed up with ACAS to call on the UK government to support a broader, more strategic approach to company reporting
Policy engagement
Putting human capital reporting on the agenda for international sustainability standards
Read our recommended future agenda priorities for the International Sustainability Standards Board

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