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The CIPD in Wales Awards - open for entry

Your time to shine / Dy amser
i ddisgleirio

Organisations are powered by people, and supported by people professionals, so it’s only right that we take time out to showcase, recognise and reward excellence in people management practice at our sixth annual awards in Wales.

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Our work in Wales

There’s no doubt that the impact of the pandemic, Brexit, and now the cost of living crisis has changed the landscape, creating a competitive yet unique job market where flexible and hybrid working and an increased awareness of mental health  are more prominent than ever.  

We're committed to identifying and highlighting untapped talent. We work with individuals, groups and employers to facilitate their inclusion into the job market. We promote and engage with UK-wide CIPD campaigns and initiatives in a way that maximises the impact in a Welsh context.  

The concept is simple:

  • There’s a skills shortage in Wales
  • There’s a pool of untapped talent
  • We have access to employers who would welcome access to these people 
  • We have members who can help and support these people to become a valuable part of the workforce.

Stay connected to find out about the next phase of this important work and how you can get involved.


Thought leadership and resources from our team in Wales

CIPD Good Work Index: Wales

A Wales summary of the CIPD Good Work Index 2024 survey report

Policy engagement
Fair Work Wales

Read the CIPD's submission to the Welsh Government's Fair Work Commission

How we influence public policy in Wales

Meet the team

Annabelle Llanes, Engagement Manager

Annabelle sees stakeholder engagement as a massive member benefit, and brings her experience to shape the offer in Wales and take it to the next level. She joined us from the Institute of Sales Professionals, where she was responsible for the planning and implementation of their event strategy, including member engagement, webinars and roundtables.  

Who we’re working with in Wales

Welsh Government

Our relationship with the Senedd and Welsh Government has gone from strength to strength since the inception of the CIPD in Wales in 2016.  Our work includes providing Ministers and Officials with first hand insight from our members around the key issues facing the workplace in Wales including employability, flexible working and workplace mental health.  We also provide corporate or individual representation on relevant Boards and Working Groups.

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Championing better work and working lives

About the CIPD

At the CIPD, we champion better work and working lives. We help organisations to thrive by focusing on their people, supporting economies and society for the future. We lead debate as the voice for everyone wanting a better world of work.