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• data-driven evidence to prove your value and impact 

• tools to professionalise your teams, build your capability and credibility

• the confidence to pivot from a supportive function into a truly strategic one.

With us by your side, you’ll master the art and the science of people – and inspire better across your organisation.


Advisory services for organisations

Work with us to define what your teams need to do to become true experts in people, work and change, using the Profession Map.

Capability assessments for people teams

Choose from our range of assessment tools to develop your people professionals.

CIPD membership for teams

Benchmark and recognise professionalism in your teams.

Experience Assessment for teams

Find an alternative option to support your people professionals to gain CIPD membership without having to study for a qualification.

Qualifications for your team

Partner with us to build capability and professionalise your HR and L&D teams of six or more individuals.

Learning solutions for teams

Discover our range of learning solutions so you can further specialise your people teams.

Partnership options for organisations

Deliver for your organisation by inspiring better year after year

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