We work with expert assessors to ensure that apprentices’ evidence is assessed consistently in accordance with the relevant assessment plan. We are one of four key stakeholders, along with apprentices, training providers and employers, contributing to a successful apprenticeship.

Find out about the responsibilities of apprentices, training providers and employers

Apprentice responsibilities

As an apprentice you will undertake on-the-job and off-the-job training, developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be occupationally competent

Training provider responsibilities

As a training provider you will work with the employer and support the apprentice during the off-the-job training. You will provide opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours detailed in the standards

Employer responsibilities

As an employer you will work with the training provider to support the apprentice in the workplace and provide the opportunity for the apprentice to apply their knowledge, skills and behaviours on the job

Apprenticeship standards we assess

As the professional body for the people profession, the CIPD has huge experience in assessing professional standards for HR, L&D and OD

End Point Assessment resources

Support materials equipping you for success

Costs and fees

Costs and fees related to apprenticeship programmes.