Apprenticeships provide an opportunity for employers to grow their own talent. The employer provides an apprentice with real-life work experience and the support of a structured learning framework delivered by the training provider.

Employer responsibilities

At Enrolment

What is my responsibility at enrolment?

  • Ensure the apprentices have a role that provides the opportunity to develop the Knowledge, Skills & Behaviour.
  • Ensure you adhere to the legal requirement of an apprenticeship agreement with the apprentice.
  • Liaise with the training provider. View the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.

On Programme

What is my responsibility on programme?

  • Ensure the apprentice undertakes real, productive work to be able to meet the standard.
  • Allow the apprentice to attend external off-the-job training and assessments.
  • Take part in regular reviews, support and feedback with the apprentice and training provider.
  • Agree a proposed Gateway date with the training provider.

At Gateway

What is my responsibility at Gateway?

  • Attend a Gateway meeting with the apprentice and training provider.
  • Discuss occupational competence and readiness for End Point Assessment.
  • Ensure all the Gateway evidence has been completed, signed and submitted on SmartEPA.

During EPA

What is my responsibility during EPA?

  • Leading up to EPA, check that the apprentice feels prepared.
  • Check the apprentice has received details of when and where their assessment will take place.
  • Check that the apprentice has met their agreed deadline dates for any submissions. For further information click here.

End Point
Assessment resources

We've developed resources to support you with the End Point Assessment process. Access 'How to' guides, handy templates and policies for each apprenticeship level.

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Apprentice responsibilities

As an apprentice you will undertake on-the-job and off-the-job training, developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be occupationally competent

Training provider responsibilities

As a training provider you will work with the employer and support the apprentice during the off-the-job training. You will provide opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours detailed in the standards

Costs and fees

Costs and fees related to apprenticeship programmes.