As a training provider, you are jointly responsible with the employer for keeping the apprentice on track with their apprenticeship. You're responsible for engaging with the End Point Assessment Organisation and supporting the apprentice and employer with the EPA process.

Training provider responsibilities

At Enrolment

What is my responsibility at enrolment?

  • Ensure apprentices are enrolled onto an apprenticeship that is appropriate for their job role and experience.
  • Agree a proposed Gateway date with the apprentice and employer.
  • Register the apprentice with the CIPD on the EPA platform SmartEPA.
  • Indicate on SmartEPA if the apprentice will need any reasonable adjustments.
  • Register apprentices for any necessary qualifications (functional skills or mandated qualifications).

On Programme

What is my responsibility on programme?

  • Deliver a training programme that allows apprentices to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours.
  • Hold regular progress reviews with the apprentice and employer.
  • Provide support and guidance to help the apprentice prepare for End Point Assessment.
  • Support the apprentice to develop any on programme materials required for End Point Assessment.

At Gateway

What is my responsibility at Gateway?

  • Attend a Gateway meeting with the apprentice and employer.
  • Discuss occupational competence and readiness for End Point Assessment.
  • Ensure all the Gateway evidence has been completed, signed and submitted on SmartEPA.

During EPA

What is my responsibility during EPA?

  • Ensure the apprentice understands the assessment methods, the evidence expectations and that they feel confident and ready for EPA.
  • Ensure the employer is aware of the EPA requirements and is able to support the apprentice.
  • Remind apprentices of their deadlines and assessment dates to ensure evidence is uploaded on time.

Frequently asked questions

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End Point
Assessment resources

We've developed resources to support you with the End Point Assessment process. Access 'How to' guides, handy templates and policies for each apprenticeship level.

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Apprentice responsibilities

As an apprentice you will undertake on-the-job and off-the-job training, developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be occupationally competent

Employer responsibilities

As an employer you will work with the training provider to support the apprentice in the workplace and provide the opportunity for the apprentice to apply their knowledge, skills and behaviours on the job

Costs and fees

Costs and fees related to apprenticeship programmes.