There are many forms that flexible working can take but whatever arrangement is agreed managers need to know how to manage those on flexible working patterns in a fair and productive way.

This guide provides advice on how to handle requests for flexible working and how to manage different flexible working arrangements.

What is flexible working?

‘Flexible working’ describes a working arrangement where there is some flexibility on how long, where, when and at what times employees work.

How to handle requests for flexible working

How to manage flexible working arrangements

There are a number of practical issues to consider when managing employees who are moving to flexible working, which we will consider in turn.

How to manage flexibility of hours rather than flexibility of location

During the COVID-19 pandemic we saw a huge shift in flexibility of work location. Although flexibility of hours has changed less there is still an opportunity to explore flexibility of hours for your team. For some employees, time flexibility is as desirable as location flexibility.


Moving to flexible working: Advice for employees

Moving to flexible working: Advice for employees
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