People and profit go hand in hand – that’s why employers increasingly expect the same level of professionalism from their people team as they do from their finance team. Key to professionalism is your commitment to continually learning, developing and growing so you can make your greatest impact.   

As your professional body, we’re here to support you with evidence-based thought leadership and guidance to maintain your relevance, influence and impact in the world of work. Don't miss the range of content we’ve published in the past month to keep you up to date with all the knowledge and insights you need to retain the professional edge employers expect. 

Putting flexible working legislation into practice

Ahead of new flexible working rights coming into force in Britain this April, we’ve published a range of new and updated resources to help people professionals ensure that flexible working works for both people and business.  


How to start using AI as an HR management assistant

Generative AI has already changed the way many people consume knowledge and is starting to change the way we work. But faster is not always better. In this month’s selection of bitesize research for CIPD members, we’ve summarised key guidelines, examples and recommendations to help people professionals effectively use ChatGPT – including how to apply a critical mindset to mitigate the risk of incorporating bias and inaccurate information into your work.   

Other topics covered in this month’s selection of Bitesize research (available to CIPD members only) include:  



Changing pay and employment trends in Ireland 

Our annual pay and employment report, in partnership with Industrial Relations News (IRN), captures the changing pay and employment trends among private sector employers in Ireland and explores the drivers of change in the Irish labour market. This year’s report revealed that employee retention was the biggest consideration impacting on organisational pay policy. Other major factors were inflation, skill shortages, the increase in the National Minimum Wage and the gender pay gap. 


Addressing sexual harassment in Middle Eastern workplaces

Tackling the issue of sexual harassment at work is taking on greater and greater importance – especially in the evolving professional landscape of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in the Middle East. Our guide for people professionals will help organisations to foster a respectful and safe working environment, to help them comply with legal requirements but also enhance their organisational culture and employee satisfaction. 


Navigating change with speed and agility

We’ve partnered with Winmark to produce The C-Suite: 2024 & Beyond, a new global report offering key insights from over 200 C-Suite executives around on how to lead organisations to continued growth and success in 2024. It reveals that embedding agility into strategy, culture and operations will be crucial.


Podcast: is your organisation neuroinclusive? 

It’s estimated that 1 in 5 people are neurodivergent in some way, and employers increasingly understand that these people make up a valuable pool of talent that organisations could be tapping into. Our latest podcast explores what it means to be a neuroinclusive employer. Our guests discuss important questions, including: are we in danger of pigeon-holing or shoehorning neurodivergent people into specific roles? And is there more we can do to respond to individual working preferences? 


Keeping you on top of your game with all the latest insights on policy, practice and employment law

Our factsheets remain one of our most popular resources and we review them regularly so you can rely on them for relevant and up to date information to guide your work. This month we made important updates to four factsheets:  

Many UK employment law changes come into force in April each year. Our handy timetable for members outlines upcoming changes relating to flexible working, NDA reports, parental bereavement leave and much more.


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