The CIPD’s HR practices in Ireland surveys provide key insights into the workforce and workplace challenges of the people profession in Ireland. It is clear from recent surveys that HR is adding value to business through championing diversity, enhancing the employee experience, and contributing to the strategic direction of the business. 

The survey found that three quarters of respondents had seen an increase in requests for remote working in 2019 but only 38% had incorporated remote working into their attraction and retention strategy, and the actual take-up was low. Labour market shortages were a key external driver of change, along with technology, not only to enable flexible and remote working, but with automation and AI changing the nature of work.

The 2020 COVID-19 crisis led to significant changes for Irish workplaces, as society put people and their health centre stage, and the majority of employees worked from home in line with government guidance. With productivity standards being maintained, the CIPD’s COVID-19 survey (June 2020) found that 70% of organisations were willing to facilitate more employees to work remotely after COVID-19 than before the crisis, and this survey highlights the barriers to be addressed.

Progress on wellbeing and diversity strategies are evident in the 2020 survey, though will need even greater attention in the COVID-19 era, along with increased focus on supports for line managers.

Key findings are available in the 2020 HR practices infographic

Infographic: HR Practices in Ireland 2020

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Report: HR Practices in Ireland survey 2020

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impact survey

Read our June 2020 research into how employers have responded through the COVID-19 crisis and in returning to the workplace

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