We are pleased to host the Annual Meeting of the CIPD in Ireland for 2022/2023. We invite all CIPD members to join us. Hear about what we are doing, have your say, and confirm the members of our National Committee. We are also welcoming nominations for new committee members. Find out more below.

This will be followed by an award-winning case study from Musgrave who will share their winning entry for the 2023 CIPD HR Awards in Ireland on learning and development (large category).

We will finish with the launch of the programme of engagement for 2023/24 for the CIPD in Ireland.


Part 1: Annual meeting

  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes of previous Annual Meeting
  3. Chair’s address – Review of 2022/2023
  4. National Committee membership and nominations
  5. AOB
  6. Annual Meeting Close

Part 2: Musgrave case study on Unlocking the Potential of our People  

The Musgrave team will present their winning entry from the 2023 CIPD HR Award for learning and development (large category)The Musgrave 2025 strategy highlighted the critical need to evolve the culture, the leadership behaviours and to identify skills for the future. Senior leaders co-created the desired culture and commenced an innovative development journey, all in the context of hybrid working. A comprehensive leadership development pathway is now in place for all leaders and the cultural areas are embedded in our strategy. 

Part 3: Launch of the programme of engagement for 2023/24 for the CIPD in Ireland 

We will share our plan of engagement over the coming months, to support you to develop your skills, celebrate your success and network with peers 

Members can use this link to register for the event


Would you like to join our National Committee?

We are seeking applications and nominations from members who are interested in supporting our mission by contributing to the work of the CIPD National Committee in Ireland. Please reach out if you would like to discuss further. 

  • All members, except for organisational members or subscribers, are entitled to nominate second candidates, and to vote at the annual meeting. 

  • All those nominated or applying, along with the proposer and seconder must be paid members of the CIPD.  

  • The form must be completed, and signed by the proposer and seconder, and then sent to CIPD in Ireland marked for the attention of the Honorary Secretary. Forms go to info@cipd.ie or CIPD Ireland, A3 The Locks, Charlotte Quay, Dublin 4, D04 P6P6 by Friday 08 September at 17:00. 

  • A subcommittee of the National Committee will review all applications and present a selection to the National Committee to go forward to the Annual MeetingAppointments are made at the Annual Meeting, and an election may be held if there are more approved candidates than places.  

  • Central to our procedure is building a balanced diverse committee, with diverse representation across companies, sectors, experience, expertise, profile, background, and avoidance of any conflict of interest. 

If you would like to apply or nominate a member then please download the application form.