The CIPD has published a range of resources to help people professionals put new flexible working leglisation into practice – and ensure that flexible working works for both people and business.

From 6 April 2024, British employees have the legal right to request flexible working from day one in a new job – a right we’re proud to have called for through our #Flexfrom1st campaign and as part of the UK Government’s Flexible Working Taskforce. CIPD’s Chief Executive Peter Cheese co-chairs the taskforce, which brings together business lobby organisations, professional bodies, unions and key charities to consult on and recommend ways to improve workplace equality by promoting flexible working opportunities to all employees.

The new flexible working legislation will pave the way for more inclusive and productive workforces by giving more people the confidence to ask for the flexibility they need, and prompting more employers to open their doors to the diverse workforces they depend on for success.  

“We’re proud to see the flexible working rights we campaigned for enshrined in British law. Along with others, we made the benefits of flexible working - for people and business - clear for policymakers to see.”

Claire McCartney, Senior Policy Adviser, CIPD

People professionals will play a key role in helping employers – in Britain and beyond – handle requests for flexible working and embrace the benefits of flexible working cultures. 

Flexibility comes in many guises: remote and hybrid working, flexible or part-time hours, job sharing, term-time hours and so much more. Our practical resources will help people professionals to consider and implement the types of flexibility that work for their organisations and their people.  

“The legal right to request flexible working from day one of employment will inspire more constructive conversations about the myriad forms of flexibility that can benefit people and business, supporting more inclusive and productive workplaces.”

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD