Pay gaps don’t mean women are paid less than men for doing the same job, but can indicate room for improvement in equality and inclusion when it comes recruiting, managing, developing and rewarding people.

Charles Cotton, Senior Reward Adviser, CIPD

With just over a month before the UK’s gender pay gap reporting deadline, the CIPD is urging employers to remember their reporting obligations as well as their wider responsibility for creating fairer, more inclusive workplaces. The calls come after a new CIPD report has revealed that almost a fifth (17%) of large organisations in the UK did not comply with legal reporting requirements last year.  
Pay gaps remain a major challenge across the UK and British organisations with more than 250 employees are legally required to report on their gender pay gaps every year. Our new report - produced in partnership with payroll systems provider, ADP - found that organisations employing 250 to 499 people are the most likely to admit that they didn’t report their data in the 12 months to October 2023.  

Although reporting alone will not close the gender pay gap, analysing pay data can help people professionals to understand the causes of pay gaps in their organisation and develop an action plan to address any inequalities. Our two recently updated guides will help people professionals understand what the gender pay gap is and how to report on it.


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