We can provide you with a better membership experience if we know a bit more about you and how you’d like us to engage with you.


Manage your contact details

It's important that we have the right contact details for you as we don't want you to miss out from receiving essential benefits as a member, such as People Management magazine, and Work. magazine, if you are a Chartered Fellow.

If you need to update your home or work contact details, log into MyProfile, edit the information in the 'My details' tab and save your changes.

Manage your preferences

In the fourth tab on the MyProfile portal you can manage your communication preferences. We want to stay in touch with you but only in ways that you'll find helpful. Here you can manage the channels you'd prefer us to use for you.

Your interests

We'd love to send you updates from time to time on the things that matter to you. We can tailor content that meets your needs if you let us know the products and services and topics that are of interest to you.

Your magazine subscriptions and local branch selection

As a member, you can let us know whether or not you want to receive physical copies of People Management magazine, and Work. magazine, if you're a Chartered Fellow. You can also select your local CIPD Branch that you want be part of and receive updates from.

Your newsletter sign-ups

Our newsletters are a great way to stay up to date with the latest industry news, updates, insights and offers. Here you can manage the newsletters that you want to receive in your inbox. There are a wide range to choose from depending on your areas of interests and/or region.

Manage your biography

There are many opportunities to network with peers on the CIPD website. If you want to take advantage of sharing your expertise and connecting with similar professionals or students online, you can create a personalised online public profile or biography. Go to MyProfile and click on the second tab: 'My biography' to set this up.

There are currently two areas where your profile is used:

  • The CIPD Community - an online discussion forum for CIPD members. When you participate in a discussion, other members can click on your name to read your biography or see your photo if you have submitted one.
  • Branch Contact Us pages. Branch committee members can be included on the individual branch websites. Anyone accessing the site (including non-members) will be able to contact you using this page.

Please note that we take your privacy very seriously and do not allow others to see your contact details including your email address. Instead we have developed an online form that allows people to email you if they wish, but your actual email address is hidden.

You don't need to include your email address in your biography, just make sure the correct one is in the 'my details' page and is marked as your preferred email address.

Questions about your membership or your benefits?

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