Employers recognise the value that young people bring to their organisations, yet those who want to support young people often face a confusing and fragmented landscape of UK Government initiatives, bodies and programmes which can act as a barrier to engagement.  

This guide, authored by Strategic Development Network (SDN) for the CIPD, outlines the major government training schemes available to help support organisations making decisions about the employment, work experience and training initiatives that they can offer.  

It gives a detailed overview of the four main programmes available for young people to help fill these gaps, including T Levels, traineeships and apprenticeships. The schemes described centre on those in England, but similar schemes in the devolved nations are also highlighted. 

The guide aims to help organisations better understand which schemes could work for them and provides signposts to further information and next steps. It is also accompanied by two further, separate resources: 

  • A checklist showing practical steps you can take to benefit from these programmes. 

  • Frequently asked questions addressing common queries employers might have about the four main programmes. 

Challenges for employers

How to use this guide

Overview of the programmes

Details of the programmes

Other programmes

Further resources



Employers Checklist
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