Dismissal of an employee occurs when: the employer terminates the contract, either with or without giving notice or; a fixed term contract ends and is not renewed; or the employee leaves when they are entitled to do so due to the employer's conduct. Read our factsheets and employment law resources to find out more about dismissal procedures, unfair and wrongful dismissal.

Employment law

Practical resources to help you address employment law issues at work, and keep up with recent and pending legislation.

1 Employment law about Dismissal
Employment law
Dismissal: Ireland employment law
Information on dismissal law, including unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal, how claims can arise, the importance of fair procedures and the remedies that courts can award to employees in dismissal cases
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Grievance, Discipline and Dismissals

This online course provides the opportunity for you to explore, discuss and fully understand your legal and ethical responsibilities towards your employer and its people when facilitating or supporting grievance, disciplinary or dismissal procedures. The course covers both addressing matters in the correct way from a legal perspective and doing so from an ethical and people-focused perspective.

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