Whether you’re a senior leader or just starting out in your field, the Profession Map shows you the knowledge and behaviours you need to excel at your level. And you'll see exactly what it takes to make a positive contribution in your role, whether you’re a generalist or a specialist in HR, L&D, OD or any other area.

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The Profession Map levels describe the impact you have based on the work you do. As you move through the levels from Foundation to Chartered Fellow, your work becomes more strategic and you use information differently. The scope of your influence and impact increases and you own and drive change within the profession.

Take a look at the different impact levels. Choose the one that most closely resembles the work you do and the impact you have. Then use the knowledge and behaviour standards at that level to explore your strengths and identify where you can improve.

Foundation level

Delivering tactical, focused, day-to-day work for immediate colleagues and customers

Associate level

Meeting business needs by delivering operational work with some complexity

Chartered Member level

Thinking strategically, applying professional expertise to drive people change, and delivering medium to long-term value for stakeholders

Chartered Fellow level

Driving long-term sustained value through strategic business insight and people expertise

Tools and resources to help you develop

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Use our self-assessment tool to assess yourself against any area of the Profession Map. We’ll recommend relevant learning and resources to help you create your own professional development pathway. 

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There’s a route to membership that's right for you and a membership grade that demonstrates your level of knowledge and experience.

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The Profession Map

Make the most of the Profession Map

The Profession Map is for everyone in our profession – individuals and teams, members and non-members. Learn more about the Profession Map and how you can use it. 

Profession Map
The Profession Map

How the international standard works for all people professionals

Profession Map
The Profession Map

Discover what great looks like for your people team

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Profession Map updates

Why we review our professional standards and what we’ve changed

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The Profession Map FAQs

Check out our FAQs on the Profession Map, membership, and qualifications

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