Who's eligible?

You could be eligible if you are currently an associate member who successfully completed the CIPD Advanced Diploma or its past equivalent. You also need to be able to demonstrate that you have a minimum of one year's experience working at chartered member grade.

If you're not sure what qualification you hold, please call our Customer Services team on +44 (0)208 612 6208.

Find out if you’re ready to upgrade, complete the online Pre-assessment.

Why upgrade?

Upgrading your membership is rewarding, straightforward and can take as little as 60 minutes of your time.

  • Get recognition for your achievements and for working at Chartered member grade.
  • Take your career further with the designation Chartered MCIPD.
  • Build your professional network and raise your profile with fellow senior professionals in the CIPD community.

I've worked in Human Resources for over 25 years and this was an accessible way for me to validate the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years.

Maxine Dempster, Chartered MCIPD - Chartered MCIPD

What we're looking for

Upgrading to Chartered Member could be for you if...

  • you have experience working at Chartered member level for a minimum of one year within the last five years
  • you are an experienced people professional who is working operationally while thinking strategically
  • you deliver people solutions that drive change within organisations and/or the profession
  • you’ll lead the thinking in your area of people practice, using in-depth knowledge of your organisation to inform people strategy
  • you’ll be aware of the wider impact of your work on other people approaches in your organisation, and its impact on business practices and goals
  • you’ll influence and collaborate with a wide range of people including your immediate colleagues, other people professionals and stakeholders across your organisation
  • you can provide insight and perspective on relevant business trends outside the organisation, and in the people profession as a whole
  • you’ll evaluate, question and assess information from a range of sources to make evidence-based judgements and decisions

The Chartered member grade is aligned with the corresponding level in the new Profession Map. If you are interested in upgrading to Chartered member, use the membership standards to determine if this is the right membership grade for you.

What our members say

Hear from a selection of experienced people professionals who successfully completed Experience Assessment to find out how they found the process and the difference it made to their career.

Maxine decided to upgrade to Chartered Member to demonstrate the skills she can offer as an experienced professional. Once Nikki started working as an Independent HR Consultant, she took time to upgrade her CIPD membership to help her credibility with clients.

What's involved

Your steps to upgrading to Chartered member:

Step 1 - Take the online Pre-assessment

Find out if you’re ready to upgrade your membership, based on your current level of experience. It’s free, flexible and quick with our online Pre-assessment Tool.

  • Gives you an immediate result
  • Takes around 10 minutes to complete
  • Can help you identify areas for development


Step 2 - Upgrade assessment

Once you’ve completed the online Pre-assessment and received confirmation of your eligibility to upgrade, the next step is to prepare for your assessment. This will be your opportunity to showcase your current people experience with one of our experienced CIPD assessors. You can choose to complete either a telephone or form-based assessment.

What help and support is available through the process?

We want to give you every chance to successfully complete your upgrade assessment. You’ll receive a comprehensive candidate guidance pack which will help you every step of the way. It also includes examples of the types of evidence we’re looking for and the impact you need to demonstrate.

Reasonable adjustments 

Please let us know if you need reasonable adjustments. We’re committed to supporting all candidates through their upgrading journey. We aim to do everything possible to give you the best chance of a successful outcome. A dedicated assessor will contact you to chat through what adjustments you may need and how best we can accommodate these. Our aim is that our upgrading route to membership is inclusive and accessible to all people practitioners. We work with all candidates as individuals and with sensitivity.

How much does it cost?

The assessment fee to upgrade depends on the method you have selected:

Video assessment: £120

Form-based assessment: £60

The assessment fee is non-refundable.

Once you've upgraded successfully, you'll start paying the Chartered member fee the next time you renew your membership.

Associate members, who've completed their CIPD Advanced Diploma within the last year, are eligible for one free upgrade through form-based assessment only.


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Data protection

The CIPD takes your privacy seriously and will keep your personal information private and secure; see our privacy policy for details.

Data protection

The CIPD takes your privacy seriously and will keep your personal information private and secure; see our privacy policy for details.

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