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Experience Assessment is a route to CIPD Associate, Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow. It allows you to have your existing professional experience assessed rather than study for a qualification.  

Who is it for?

Experience Assessment is intended for those with recent experience working in the people profession. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on your career, skills and knowledge to date.

Through the assessment you will demonstrate you have the real-world knowledge and behaviours required for the CIPD membership grade you want to achieve.

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What does it involve? 

Experience Assessment timeline

Step 1: Free Online Pre-Assessment

Take a 10-minute free pre-assessment to find out if you are eligible for Experience Assessment. The pre-assessment can also help you to choose the right grade to apply for and identify areas for development.

Step 2: Register and pay for Experience Assessment

Choose when to start your assessment within three months. After registration and payment, you'll get access to CIPD member benefits. Your benefits will support you throughout your online assessment.

Step 3: Online assessment

You'll spend between five to 10 days over an eight-week period completing our online assessments. You can do this in bite-size chunks or all in one go. See the more detailed description of online assessments below.

Step 4: Professional discussion

You’ll have a virtual discussion with an experienced CIPD assessor to talk about your career and experience. This discussion lasts 2–2.5 hours. You may need 1–2 hours to prepare for it.

Step 5: Outcome

You'll get the outcome of your Experience Assessment within six weeks. If you're successful, you'll be awarded Associate Member, Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow grade and receive your CIPD certificate.

How much does Experience Assessment cost?

Our membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June, and you can join membership at any time.

Membership type Joining fee (New members only) One-off assessment fee* Membership fee, up to 12 months** Total (New members) Total (Existing members)
Associate Member £40 £1,996 £184 £2,220 £1,996
Chartered Member £40 £2,045 £214 £2,299 £2,045
Chartered Fellow £40 £2,375 £242 £2,657 £2,375

*The one-off assessment fee is non-refundable

**Your Membership fee covers up to 12 months, valid until 30 June 2025

***Next time you renew your membership, you’ll pay the membership fee for the grade you’re awarded.

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