Resourcing specialists understand the market an organisation operates in, its current and future resourcing needs and the unique proposition it needs to attract the best people. 


What does a resourcing specialist do?

Resourcing specialists are key to organisational success. After all, without the right people to fill the right roles, organisations will not thrive. Specialists in this area need to ensure that candidates have the right skills and experience, and make sure they’re the right fit for the organisation (for example, are they prepared to challenge the status quo, are they willing to accept feedback). 

Resourcing specialists use workforce planning data to identify key resourcing requirements and tap into diverse talent pools to meet organisational needs. With the support of technology, and working with managers in the business who are needing to recruit, resourcing specialists will identify the right channels to find candidates and make sure they're suitable for the role. They'll design fair and equitable assessment approaches to achieve the perfect match between the organisation and its future employees.  


A day in the life of a
resourcing head

A day in the life of Keeley Cooper, Head of Resourcing within the NHS

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A day in the life of a
resourcing advisor

A day in the life of Pauline Power, Resourcing and Onboarding Advisor at Grant Thornton CI

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Your typical activities

Here are some of the activities you can expect to be involved in as a resourcing specialist:

  • Reviewing workforce planning data to plan resourcing approaches
  • Using different sourcing channels such as social media channels, specialist publications and jobs boards, to attract diverse candidates and fill roles. 
  • Designing and running assessment centres. 
  • Using social media channels to promote the employer brand and current opportunities. 
  • Creating global mobility programmes for international hires. 
  • Recruiting different types of workers such as consultants, contractors and employees, depending on the business need. 
  • Working with educational providers to create employability programmes 

Types of roles in resourcing

Here is a shortlist of the types of job titles you might find in resourcing. As you can see, resourcing specialists are at all levels of experience and seniority:

  • Recruitment administrator
  • Resourcing co‚Äźordinator
  • Resourcing advisor
  • Talent sourcer 
  • Resourcing business partner
  • Talent acquisition partner 
  • Recruitment and selection manager 
  • Head of talent acquisition  
  • Director of Recruitment

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