The world of work is changing fast. Investing in your HR and L&D teams today, will help to drive value in your organisation, and build a workforce fit for the future. We partner with some of the world’s most progressive organisations, and we set the international standard for people professionals. By partnering with us, you can bring all of that expertise into your organisation, and build a workforce of confident, analytical and strategic professionals.

When you choose us, you’re choosing to nurture talent, and to stay ahead of the competition by getting more out of your teams.

This is how our process works for you

At the CIPD we believe that before recommending any qualification, we need to understand your goals and objectives to ensure that we provide you with the best learning outcomes.  

We'll work hand in hand with you to: 

Choose the right qualification

Foundation Certificate in People Practice 

  • This qualification is ideal for those wanting to embark on a career in people practice or those already in a support role and looking to take the next step on the career ladder.
  • On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded CIPD Foundation membership.

Associate Diploma in either People Management or Organisational Learning and Development 

  • This qualification is ideal if you are already working in a people practice role.
  • Studying for the diploma will provide you with a deeper understanding of the professional behaviours that lead to organisational success.
  • On successful completion, you will be awarded CIPD Associate membership.

Advanced Diploma in either Strategic People Management or Strategic Learning and Development

  • Ideal for experienced people professionals who are looking to advance their careers to a strategic level and aspire to become a Chartered Member.
  • On successful completion, you will be awarded CIPD Associate membership and you'll have the potential to upgrade to Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow, depending on your experience.



Our Organisational Delivery Partners (ODP)


Avado is a professional academy, trusted by over 800 organisations globally, delivering interactive learning experiences in people, data, marketing, and agility. Avado builds the capability of individuals and organisations by offering new skills and mindsets through professional qualifications, workshops, and corporate training.

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The BIBF is the leading training and education provider in the MENA region, and is affiliated to the Central Bank of Bahrain. Their commitment to excellence has strengthened its position as the leading educational provider across all major business disciplines. 

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Bradfield Learning and Development has been a trusted partner of the CIPD for almost three decades delivering its qualifications around the globe across all industry sectors.

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ICS Learn

For more than 130 years, the ICS Learn Group has been delivering an unrivalled training experience for organisations by providing greater choice, quality and value in how your people learn and develop.

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MOL is integrated with Total People, and both organisations are part of the LTE group which is a social enterprise dedicated to learning, training and employment, with a mission to improve lives and economic success through learning and skills.

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Oakwood has worked with hundreds of organisations throughout the MENA region ensuring a successful CIPD programme to gain knowledge, set internal standards and develop the organisations’ HR and L&D function within their organisational structure. 

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Watson Martin

Watson Martin, a Reed Group company, has been providing CIPD qualifications for individuals and corporate clients since 2004 and has supported thousands of candidates to successfully complete their qualifications. They are the only provider to offer all specialist units across all levels and all modes of delivery.

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We'll support you and your team throughout the learning journey

Building capability and gaining recognition through a membership outcome is key to your team's success. That's why we'll work tirelessly to keep your learners engaged throughout the process.  

  • At the CIPD, we'll start by driving engagement with your learners, helping them understand what CIPD qualifications are, the most appropriate levels for them, and how they'll help them in their individual roles and career journeys.
  • We provide monthly insights into how the learners are doing throughout the process, and we'll meet with you regularly to discuss how we can continue supporting them as they progress.
  • We'll always be on hand to support and guide you as you need.
  • As your learners complete their CIPD qualification, we'll work with you to determine the most appropriate next steps within the context of your wider strategic direction. 

Inspire better with CIPD qualifications.