Diagram of CIPD five stage model for organisations - stage 1, Define

Advisory services based on the international standard

Our Profession Map will help you define what your teams need to do to become true experts in people, work and change.

Developed in collaboration with more than 20,000 people professionals worldwide, it sets the international standard for excellence and is designed to prepare organisations like yours for the journey ahead.

Plus, because it’s reviewed and updated twice a year, you can be confident it always reflects the latest research and thinking.

Work with our expert advisory team to:

  • Align your people strategies to business priorities, maximising the value delivered by your teams.
  • Evaluate your people practice against the overarching purpose, values and standards of our profession.
  • Create your own HR competency framework underpinned by CIPD’s professional standards.

Our advisory work with
Network Rail

Find out how Network Rail are using the Profession Map to progress their business priorities and people strategy, side by side.

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