The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on technology as an enabler of work, with large firms and SMEs turning to its use for flexible and remote working. This has changed where and how people work, increasing the need for digital workplace skills, automating routine and non-routine tasks, and highlighting the people management skills required to manage remote workers en masse.

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Thought leadership

Workplace tech: It can make or break the employee experience

This article argues that, when adopting new technologies, people professionals need to consider, first and foremost, the technology’s impact on the employee experience

Thought leadership

Don’t leave technology in the hands of technologists

This thought piece argues that digital tools are bringing us closer together during the coronavirus crisis, but people professionals still need to be mindful of how they integrate these into workplaces

Thought leadership

Coronavirus and the workforce: Working from home in the 'new normal'

This thought piece explores the pros and cons of using digital technologies to work from home during COVID-19

Evidence review

Developing effective virtual teams

This report gives insight and practice recommendations for running effective remote teams from our evidence-based review

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Thought leadership
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