The CIPD’s Best to good practice work and The future of talent in Malaysia 2035 report both highlight education as a key driver influencing future talent quality and quantity. Global education standards are improving and there's greater recognition and prioritisation of continued development and lifelong learning. We’ve also witnessed a rise in alternative, technology-enabled learning, including open universities, peer-to-peer learning platforms and bitesize, ‘on the go’ learning frameworks. However, talent gaps still exist and balancing business performance needs and learning and development remains a challenge for L&D practitioners.

How is quality of education driving change in your organisation? And how do you think quality of education will influence talent supply in the future world of work?

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News article

20 May, 2020
Essential skills need to be recognised and developed by education providers and employers

This article reports that the CIPD supports the launch of the Skills Builder Universal Framework, defining the skills we need to succeed in education, work and life

Thought leadership

Coronavirus and the workforce: Learning in a COVID world

This thought piece explains why learning and development is more important than ever as organisations navigate the global pandemic

Evidence review

Creating learning cultures: Assessing the evidence

This report explores the evidence on learning cultures, the case for embedding a learning environment within organisations, and the steps L&D professionals can take to tackle any barriers encountered along the way


Professionalising Learning and Development

This report looks at using the new CIPD Profession Map and identifying key L&D development needs

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Curated content to support the eighth trend of the CIPD’s People Profession 2030 virtual Hackathon

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Technology use in learning and development

Guidance on how technology can be used responsibly to help manage people

For Members
Evidence-based L&D – Asking the right questions

Podcast 202: Learning professionals are under constant pressure to demonstrate the value and impact of their interventions. Is there a way for them to bolster their chances of a successful outcome before they dive into planning?

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Insight from the CIPD’s survey into factors driving pay decisions in UK workplaces and recommendations for practice

Neuroinclusion at work report 2024

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