A workplace where people have equality of opportunity to reach their potential is good for individuals, organisations and society. Yet the findings from our Inclusion at work 2022 report, in partnership with Reed, show that just 30% of employers say their leaders are completely committed to having an inclusive and diverse workforce.

This inaugural report provides an overview of what UK employers are currently doing to improve inclusion and diversity (I&D) in their workplaces and the measures they have found to be effective. It also highlights the gaps in practice that warrant further consideration and action.

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Report: Inclusion at work 2022

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Executive summary: Inclusion at work 2022

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Based on the evidence in the report, we make seven recommendations to help people professionals re-energise their own approach to practice that will support equality, diversity and inclusion in their organisation.

7 recommendations for practice

  1. Build an evidence-based long-term plan or strategy with impact measures to track progress.
  2. Take a data-driven approach to gain buy-in, investment and maximum impact.
  3. Critically assess your people management approach with an I&D lens.
  4. Enable managers, including through job design and training on core people management skills, to fulfil their vital role in creating inclusive workplaces.
  5. Support leaders to champion I&D as role models and hold others accountable.
  6. Tailor your approach to I&D to your organisational context.
  7. Take a long-term view; don’t take your foot off the pedal.

The CIPD has also produced guides on inclusive recruitment for employers and line managers.

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