Most line managers manage people alongside other duties. Some handle the stresses and strains of management well, some not so well. How well they are seen to do this has significant implications for the people they manage.

Almost 10 million people in the UK are line managers. Using the CIPD/YouGov UK Working Lives/Good Work Index 2022 surveys this report highlights how important it is that managers are equipped with the skills to manage and develop people effectively in order to support their health and wellbeing and to help boost employees’ performance and commitment.

While these findings are based on UK data, the broader trends and implications should be of interest wherever you are based.

This report also shows that managers who treat people fairly and provide effective feedback and support, while also developing their staff and helping employees to work together, are likely to have happier, healthier and higher performing teams.

Given the critical importance of people management skills, the research underlines that many employers needs to do more to ensure that their managers receive the training and support needed to manage people effectively.

The importance of people management: Analysis of its impact on employees

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