Please be advised that parts of this podcast cover issues that may be emotionally sensitive.

Statistics on men’s health are concerning: men account for three-quarters of premature deaths from heart disease, are twice as likely to die from drug or alcohol abuse and three times more likely to die from suicide. In part, due to unhelpful ideas about what masculinity is, and societal expectations for them to ‘man up’ and ‘keep it together’, men often face health challenges alone. So when it comes to supporting the wellbeing of your people, how can organisations target working-age men more effectively?

Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests: Elliot Rae, founder of Music. Football. Fatherhood; Helen Lake, director of men’s health services at Peppy; and Steve George, learning content lead at the CIPD – as we ask how organisations can better engage and support male colleagues when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Duration: 00:35:45

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