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We’ve compiled the most commonly-asked questions students have about our qualifications, including information on CIPD membership, finding information, exams and work experience. We hope you can find all of the information you are looking for.


My study centre has advised that I need to register my qualification and join as a Student member. What does this mean?

So that we know you’re completing a CIPD qualification, your centre will have provided us with the details of the qualification you’re studying with them, which you’ll need to confirm in order to complete your registration with us.

You’ll have received an email from the CIPD with a link to register as a Student member and confirm your qualification details (if you aren't already a member). Follow this link, and log in using the email address the centre provided when they gave us your qualification details. You’ll then be able to view your qualification details and confirm them (or query them if necessary). You'll also be able to amend any contact details at this time.

If you haven’t received an email with this link, call us on +44 (0) 20 8612 6208.

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How do I sign up for the student newsletter?

CIPD student members automatically receive the monthly Student Update newsletter.

How do I access the CIPD website?

You can access a host of resources to help you in your studies and work by setting up a free CIPD website account.

If you don't already have an account you can set one up here.

If you already have a CIPD web account:

  • but have forgotten your password, reset your password.
  • but have changed (or forgotten) the email address you used, call us on +44 (0)20 8612 6248 so we can resolve the issue.

How do I find a specific resource?


The People Management website has current and older articles from the magazine.

The Citation Resolver on the CIPD member only EBSCO Discovery Service lets you carry out targeted searches for specific journal articles.

CIPD research reports, guides, factsheets and podcasts

Search the CIPD website for current resources or our HR and L&D Database for older items.

You can buy CIPD textbooks from Kogan Page. CIPD members get a 20% discount.

Other books and reports

The HR and L&D Database has details of book and reports by other organisations.

How do I find information on a particular topic?

The Knowledge hub has sections with information on a wide range of topics.

The HR and L&D Database for CIPD members has a short list of popular searches. We've also included search guides to help you out.

The EBSCO Discovery Service contains Research starters on some topics. We've also put together tips and tutorials to help you with your search.

How do I get a book list?

You can produce reading lists from the CIPD HR and L&D Database after you have completed your search. 

On the search results page, tick the boxes at the side of the items you want to save or tick the box at the top of the search results to select all the records on the page. Then click on the Selected Record Action button at the top of the screen. You will be given the option of downloading a Word document, emailing or printing the details of the selected items.

Where can I find templates or examples of forms?

We don't have downloadable forms or templates on our website at the moment.

However, CIPD members can get 50% off HR-inform which has more than 900 model customisable documents, including letters, forms, contract clauses and policies.


When will I receive my qualification certificate?

We check results submissions for accuracy at the verification stage (marked with * on the timeline below); if any discrepancies arise we may return them to your study centre, which may delay the despatch of your certificate. Click here to view a larger version of the timeline.


This is a detailed textual representation of the timeline and process involved in receiving a CIPD qualification certificate once you submit your final assessment: 1.	Assessment Deadline stage: You initially submit your final assessment to your study centre by the assessment deadline set by them. Your study centre then marks and quality assures your assessment within their marking timelines. 2.	Results Submission Stage: When the moderation window opens, your study centre will submit your results to the CIPD, before the result submission deadline. 3.	Week 1 to 3: During this period, the CIPD will moderate assessments from a sample of learners that the CIPD requests from your study centre. 4.	Week 4 and 5:  In these weeks, the CIPD reviews study centre results. 5.	Week 6: This week the CIPD approves the results. The moderation window then closes. 6.	Week 7: During this week, the CIPD releases the results to your study centre. 7.	Week 8 to 12: Within this timeframe, you will receive a PDF of your CIPD qualification certificate via email. Within 5 days of the email notification, a hard copy will be posted to you directly. If based outside the UK, your certificate will be sent to your study centre to distribute to you. Then, if applicable, the CIPD will upgrade your membership to Foundation or Associate level. Your membership certificate will be posted to you directly, even if you are based outside the UK. Note: Week 1 starts once the CIPD result submission deadline passes, for the moderation window that your results are submitted within. You can check this date with your study centre.


Many employers are asking for HR work experience. How can I gain this?

A great way to make yourself stand out is to gain some work experience while you study. St John's Ambulance, along with many other charities, is often looking for volunteers to work in HR for them; this can be as little as three hours per week.

We also have a list of volunteering jobs available, which you can view on the People Management website.


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