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Thank you for visiting our branch page and for your interest in becoming part of the vibrant community of people professionals we are creating locally. We are an active branch with over 4000 members covering the West of England from Bath and West Wiltshire, Bristol through to Somerset.

We believe that all CIPD members can benefit from participating in the branch activities. This may be through attending branch events, contributing to our newsletters, supporting our activities or feeding into our steering or special interest group.

If you're in membership, you can join our branch committee, expand your network and benefit from direct involvement in running the branch, or join the events team if you would like to contribute your skills to planning and running events locally. 

We have a special interest group for independent practitioners which you can read about below. 

I look forward to meeting new and existing members at our branch events. 

Shelley Poole, Assoc CIPD

Branch Chair

Come along to
our events

Our members rate their access to a local branch in their top three membership benefits. Come along to our branch events to discover other CIPD benefits. Explore the issues and trends impacting our profession. Network, learn and share ideas with people professionals in our area. 

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Get involved

All those involved in running our branch are volunteers who readily give up their own time to represent the CIPD locally. Their dedication and commitment help make the branch the member-driven success that it is, and we are very grateful for their inputs.  

We are looking for volunteers to join the branch committee, events team and independent practitioners group to continue to take the branch forward, to raise our profile locally and help deliver a diverse range of events for our members. If you're interested in finding out more, have a chat with one of our committee members at our next event or contact us by email. You can also read more about branch volunteering below.  

Networking and learning

With workshops, round tables, panel discussions and expert speakers, our thought-provoking events cover everything our community needs. Network, learn and stay up to date. 


Keen to get involved, give back or raise your profile? Whatever your skills and interests, learn more about branch volunteering. 

Support for student members

Just starting out on your career? Want to meet experienced people professionals and keep up to date with all the topics you cover in your studies? We’re here for you as you study for your CIPD qualification.  

Want to get involved? Got an idea for an event? We want to hear from you!

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Join one of our special interest groups

We bring together people professionals with a common interest to network, share ideas and learn from one another. Please email us if you’d like to join one of our special interest groups.

Independent practitioners group (IPG) 

The branch has an independent practitioners group (IPG) which aims to ensure that the needs and interests of CIPD members who are independent consultants, practitioners, trainers and coaches are met. The IPG organise events as part of the branch programme. 

IPG events are informal networking meetings based around a specific theme. Each event includes facilitated discussion, with plenty of opportunities for participants to get to know each other, share their experiences, and learn from the experiences of others.

Get in touch to find out more. And let us know your ideas for other special interest groups. 

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Five branches across the South West of England serve nearly 16,000 members. Together we deliver local branch events, professional networks, learning opportunities and special interest groups.

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