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Thank you for visiting our branch page and for your interest in being part of our local community of people professionals. Founded in 2000, the CIPD Branch in Gibraltar continues to offer networking and professional development opportunities to the growing number of people professionals working within Gibraltar.

Our ambition is to drive positive change and growth in the local HR community. We strive to be the leading professional body for HR and people development in Gibraltar, providing support, guidance, and networking opportunities to our members. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the capabilities and impact of HR professionals in Gibraltar, ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the ever-evolving HR landscape.
One of our key ambitions is to promote continuous professional development (CPD) among HR practitioners in Gibraltar. We believe that investing in personal and professional growth is essential for staying relevant and effective in the field of HR. Through a range of workshops, seminars, and training programs, we aim to provide our members with opportunities to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in HR and L&D. 
Another important ambition of the CIPD branch in Gibraltar is to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the HR community. We understand the value of networking and learning from each other's experiences. To achieve this, we organize regular networking events, where HR professionals can connect, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships. We also facilitate knowledge-sharing through online platforms and forums, where members can seek advice, share insights, and engage in discussions on various HR topics.

Leah Carnegie, Chartered FCIPD

Branch Chair

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Our members rate their access to a local branch in their top three membership benefits. Come along to our branch events to discover other CIPD benefits. Explore the issues and trends impacting our profession. Network, learn and share ideas with people professionals in our area. 

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Our branch committee plan a full year of relevant and engaging events for people professionals. We champion better work and working lives in Gibraltar, by:

  • Promoting the people profession as a strategic business partner within organisations
  • Providing networking opportunities for ‘people people’ to share knowledge, experience and challenges in all things HR and people-oriented
  • Providing regular opportunities for members to build and grow their professional network and to meet with like-minded people professionals
  • Offering support to our HR community to better enable them to adapt to and remain compliant with changes in local (and UK) employment law and legislation
  • Arranging events in which expert speakers and Government representatives deliver talks, advice and solutions on subjects relating to HR management, best practice and trends in the world of work
  • Being a voice in local HR matters at both organisational and national levels
  • Providing L&D and CPD opportunities to all our members

Our branch achieves this by encouraging local networks for practitioners, providing visibility and input into public policy agendas and working collaboratively with the Gibraltar Government.

We welcome and support newcomers. Members are encouraged to contribute ideas and make suggestions of relevant issues to address to benefit the locally registered companies and their workforce.

At whatever level you wish to be involved, we are sure you will find it both useful and enjoyable. If you are interested in finding out more about joining our branch committee or being a facilitator of an event, get in touch by email.

Networking and learning

With workshops, round tables, panel discussions and expert speakers, our thought-provoking events cover everything our community needs. Network, learn and stay up to date. 


Keen to get involved, give back or raise your profile? Whatever your skills and interests, learn more about branch volunteering. 

Support for student members

Just starting out on your career? Want to meet experienced people professionals and keep up to date with all the topics you cover in your studies? We’re here for you as you study for your CIPD qualification.  

Want to get involved? Got an idea for an event? We want to hear from you!

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