What is the role of business within society? How do we build organisations that contribute responsibly and sustainably to the communities in which they operate? And what does responsible leadership look like, as we continue to lurch from crisis to crisis?

To answer these important questions, the CIPD, working with the University of Bristol, presents a six-part series exploring the lessons leaders have learned and how the world of work has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on a three-year landmark research project exploring responsible business and trustworthy leadership during the pandemic, these thought leadership articles and the accompanying podcast series discuss what has changed about how we work, how we lead and how we think about responsibility and trust in business.

With exclusive insights from business and HR leaders and Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, Dean of the University of Bristol Business School, this series provides challenging, inspirational ideas on how we build more responsible, resilient businesses and a fairer, more equitable society.  

While this research is based on perspectives of UK senior leaders, the insights and recommendations should be of interest wherever you are based.

Read the sixth thought leadership article in our series below.

Building responsible leadership for
the future

We discuss how leading through crisis has shaped the way we address new challenges

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More in this series

Thought leadership

The role of responsible business in tackling the climate crisis

Lessons on integrating sustainability into your organisation’s purpose

Thought leadership

Leadership through crisis: Can one person do it all?

We discuss how collaboration and authenticity are key for responsible leaders of the future

Thought leadership

What leading through the pandemic has taught us about trust

We discuss what it takes to create high-trust environments

Thought leadership

The new rules of work: How the psychological contract is evolving

We discuss the role leaders play in creating a workplace community

Thought leadership

What does it mean to be a responsible business in a post-pandemic world?

What has changed in the way we work and lead since COVID-19?

Responsible business
podcast series

Working with the University of Bristol, this podcast series explores the revolutionised responsible business movement and the topics that have influenced this change

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About the authors

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and inaugural Dean of the University of Bristol Business School.

Veronica is mainly known for her research on trust and trustworthy leadership. For the last 30 years, Veronica has worked all over the world to deliver leadership development at the most senior levels in the private, public and third sector. Her latest research, conducted in collaboration with the CIPD, focused on responsible business and leadership through crisis. 

Katie Jacobs

Katie Jacobs was senior stakeholder lead at the CIPD, where she rans the CIPD’s HR leader network for HRDs/CPOs. She is also a business journalist and writer specialising in business, workplace/HR and management/leadership issues.

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Building responsible leadership for the future

We discuss how leading through crisis has shaped the way we address new challenges

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