Digital transformation is a hot topic that is being widely discussed in many different contexts. Indeed, it was one of the critical themes people professionals identified as impacting the current and future world of work, according to the CIPD People Profession 2030 report.

But what exactly is digital transformation? Why does it matter? How can employers and people professionals prepare themselves, and their organisations, to embrace it and to derive maximum advantage from it?

This and the following series of articles will explore these questions, combining the practical implications drawn from in-depth research and study, with the insight and experience of people professionals who have taken crucial steps in digital transformation.

Our series begins with an explanation of why digital transformation matters to people professionals. Using Kane et al’s research, we explain what it is and how to do it effectively. In the second chapter, the Group People Director of Axiom Telecom in the UAE shares his organisation’s digital transformation journey from a traditional bricks-and-mortar retailer, wholesaler and distributor to a predominantly digital platform distributor. The focus in subsequent chapter shifts to digital transformation within the people function. We organise people professionals’ stories in these chapters by specialist functions such as HR information systems, recruitment, and learning and development. Where applicable we share the impact of change on their organisations. We will conclude the series with reflections from experts and acknowledgements of the people professionals who have contributed to the series. 

Recognising the very real challenges of screen fatigue and time constraints facing our readers, we’ve sought to publish this content in short, individual chapters rather than as a single, long-form report. After the initial launch of the first three chapters, we will look to publish subsequent chapters monthly, completing the series in early 2022.  

We hope that the experiences shared in this series inspire more people professionals to take a proactive role in the digital transformation of their organisations and people functions. And in doing so, change the notion that the people function is not regularly involved in decisions to invest and implement new technologies, as uncovered in past CIPD research

Read the latest article in our series below.

Redefining the role of people professionals in the
digital era

Now is the time for people professionals to explore how they can drive digital transformation for the future

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