Are you working at Chartered Fellow level?

At this level you’re typically shifting collective mindsets to create organisations that value people, and you're using your professional expertise to deliver long-term value for the profession. You work with a wide range of stakeholders to shape the way organisations think about their people, enhancing the collective wellbeing and success of organisations and those who work for them.

The nature of your work

Your work will usually be entirely strategic in thinking or delivery and require a significant level of complexity which delivers outcomes in the people profession.

How you use information

You'll develop evidence-based thinking on complex topics to shape the profession or drive complex people programmes.

Your influence and impact

You'll work with and influence a wide range of people across the profession and in wider networks and partnerships. Your work will usually create long-term value for significant numbers of people.

If this reflects your current role, you’ll also:

  • positively influence people and attitudes in the people profession, working to ensure that organisations are fair in their treatment of people, and that diverse voices are heard and represented
  • role-model integrity, making ethical and evidence-based decisions, and influence others to do the same
  • be committed to your own CPD and the development of the profession as a whole.

CIPD membership grade

The standards in this level equate to Chartered Fellowship.

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Who should look at the standards at this level? 

If the descriptions at this level are a reflection of your role, then you should use these standards to have your best impact.

This level may also apply to the following: Affiliate members who meet the descriptions above.

Explore the Chartered Fellow-level standards in depth

The standards inside the Profession Map will help you:

  • lead with confidence in a constantly-shifting landscape
  • be recognised industry-wide as a thought leader, influencer and change agent
  • promote the people profession and prove its value as a force for good.

The Profession Map

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The Profession Map

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The Profession Map

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The Profession Map

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