Work can be a force for good. One that benefits people and societies as much as it contributes to business and the economy. We believe work should be good for everyone. And the evidence shows that better work doesn’t just boost wellbeing, it increases workplace productivity. 

We partner with local authorities to help develop charters or standards that define good and fair work. We do this to encourage employers to adopt good practice on people management and development. And we share insights and resources to help employers make it happen for more people.

Championing better work for all

We’ve been championing better work and working lives for over 100 years. We do it because organisations thrive when we put people first. And because thriving, responsible organisations lead to stronger economies and societies. 

The shift from more work to good work 

Government, policy-makers, employers and people professionals all have a role to play in improving working lives for everyone. And many are shifting their attention – and investment – from the quantity of work in the economy to the quality of work. As employment in the UK continues to rise, more leaders are striving to make good work and fair work a reality for people in their local areas. 

Showing what better work looks like 

There are several dimensions to job quality. All jobs have the potential to become better across some or all of them.  By being more creative with job design and HR practices, employers can – and should – provide good and fair work for everyone. Local charters and standards generate local leadership on good work. And they give local employers the resources they need to underpin their business strategies with effective HR and people management practices. 

"The movement the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is creating is becoming unstoppable. The CIPD has been a fantastic partner to us, and we really want to help support more small businesses through the Charter now, and really champion them by encouraging our residents to buy their products and services. "

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

Championing good work around the UK

We work with authorities across the UK to create local employment charters and standards. These help local employers design better jobs and improve the quality of their people management. Explore the good work standards and charters closest to your region and make use of their supporting resources in your work.

Explore Manchester’s seven characteristics of good employment. Explore Liverpool’s four pillars of fair employment. Explore London’s four guiding principles of good work. Read our 2021 manifesto for fairer workplaces in Scotland. Read our submission to the Welsh Government's Fair Work Commission.


Tracking progress on
good work

The Good Work Index is our annual benchmark of job quality in the UK, based on evidence from over 5,000 workers across different sectors and jobs. It shares insights into seven key dimensions that shape the working lives of people across the UK. 

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Upholding strong standards and a
clear voice

Our profession plays a central role in creating better work. This purpose sits at the heart of the Profession Map – our values, knowledge and behaviours as experts in people and work. And our collective voice strengthens our call for good work for all.

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