The Profession Map and its purpose

The Profession Map defines the knowledge, behaviours and values that underpin our profession. It is the most effective way for people professionals, globally, to make sound decisions and bring about change for people, work and organisations.

By setting clear standards, the Profession Map supports people professionals to make good decisions, develop their careers, and champion better work and working lives, whether they’re a CIPD member or someone starting out on their professional journey.

The Profession Map provides a firm foundation for our membership levels, learning pathways, qualifications and our work with employers. It supports people professionals - generalists and specialists - as they develop throughout their careers, ensuring that membership of the CIPD remains relevant and valuable.

The Profession Map

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The Profession Map is for everyone in our profession – individuals and teams, members and non-members. Learn more about the Profession Map and how you can use it. 

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