Inform your judgement to make your case

The Profession Map won’t tell you what to do, but, amongst other things, it will show you how being evidence-based contributes to making better decisions in any situation.

After all, your professional opinion carries more weight when it's supported by strong evidence from diverse sources. That's why the Profession Map places such emphasis on evidence-based decision-making, and evidential understanding of impact and outcomes.


Four sources of insight to build your evidence base 

Evidence is about more than hard numbers alone. It should combine these four sources of insight. 

Behavioural science and academic research

By paying close attention to the theory underpinning our profession, we can make sound decisions no matter what the future may hold. An understanding of the psychology of human behaviour provides us with the science behind how people behave and make decisions. Independent surveys, reviews and benchmarks can help us to better understand our own organisations.

Organisational data

People analytics can help us to get to know our workforce better: how people contribute to business performance; what our skills gaps are; where we have areas of unique expertise; employee well-being and engagement. Ultimately, that means employers can invest more strategically in their people, investors can recognise human capital as a fundamental element of business strategy, and workers can benefit from better opportunities and greater fulfilment.

Stakeholder concerns

There is nothing more important, or more human, than gathering information from our own experiences and conversations. As professionals, we need to observe our cultures to understand our organisation’s capabilities, engaging with business leaders and asking questions to understand their world, with its risks, challenges and potential.

Practitioner expertise

Practitioner experience and professional judgment are important in applying evidence to practice, forming the basis of the skills needed to draw effective solutions from different insights.

So how did we get here?

The values at the centre of The People Profession: now and for the future (principles-ledevidence-basedoutcomes-driven) arose from academic research into the lenses we use to make decisions, while also incorporating feedback from across the profession. Explore the key research underpinning The People Profession: now and for the future by downloading the reports below.

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Inform your judgement to make your case

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