Engaging working environments foster happier, healthier, more fulfilled workforces, driving both productivity and innovation. This is what an employee experience specialist strives to do.


What does an employee experience specialist do?

Employee experience is the result of all the interactions an employee has with their employer. It’s a specialised field closely related to employee engagement which focuses on creating a great working environment for organisations to get the most out of their people. This, in turn, is likely to drive productivity, improve products and services, innovate, aid retention, and create a great employer brand to attract new talent.

As an employee experience specialist, you also need to understand the manager/work relationship, proactively address the well-being agenda, and create a culture of trust within the organisation. Employee experience specialists can transform the way people feel about their work; it's in their gift to reposition the organisation into a culture of trust through active listening and action.

Employee experience case study: Power to
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How a framework for listening and responding to every voice has given the change-weary employees of Nien their spark back.

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Your typical activities

Here are some of the activities you can expect to be involved in as an employee experience specialist:

  • Designing employee experience frameworks
  • Creating ways to measure and assess engagement (for example, surveys)
  • Designing approaches to communications which provide an employee voice
  • Reviewing management practices and their impact on the employee experience
  • Creating proactive approaches to well-being in the organisation in order to drive physical and mental well-being
  • Reviewing and enhancing the employer brand
  • Building a culture of trust
  • Assessing the impact that people practices and policies have on the employee experience.

Types of roles in employee experience

Here is a shortlist of the types of job titles you might find in employee experience. As you can see, employee experience specialists are at all levels of experience and seniority:

  • Employee Experience/Engagement Assistant
  • Employee Experience/Engagement Consultant
  • Employee Experience/Engagement Manager
  • Head of Employee Experience/Engagement
  • Director of Employee Experience/Engagement

Develop your knowledge in employee experience

Employee experience standards

Each employee experience standard progresses through four levels of impact. Which level do you most embody in your day-to-day work?

Employee experience resources

Understand the fundamentals of building an engaged workforce by exploring our factsheets, guides and reports on employee experience.

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