A career in the people profession offers a huge variety of roles to choose from. If you’ve a head for data, why not explore roles in reward or people analytics? Or if you’ve a passion for getting the best out of people, why not specialise in learning and development (L&D), talent management, organisation design, or equality, diversity and inclusion? Or if you’re looking for more variety in your work, consider an HR (human resources) generalist role.

Similarly, one of the great things about working in the people profession is that it enables you to work in any sector and different sized organisations. Whether you’re just starting out in the people profession or looking for your next move, explore the links below to find out more about the options available to you. 

Which career route will you choose?

Careers in HR generalist roles

If you’re looking for a varied and rewarding career in the people professional, this could be the ideal job for you

Careers in learning and development

Creating a culture of continuous learning and growth

Careers in organisational design and development

Bringing together all parts of the organisation to help the system operate at its best

Careers in equality, diversity and inclusion

Creating an environment where difference is embraced and individuals flourish

Careers in employee experience

Creating a healthy, engaging working environment for organisations to get the most out of their people

Careers in employee relations

Managing the relationship between an organisation and its people through transparent practices and relevant law

Careers in talent management

Maximising the potential of those working in an organisation

Careers in resourcing

Creating a brilliant candidate experience for future employees

Careers in reward

Aligning pay and benefits with context, culture, and market

Careers as an HR Business Partner

Working with the business to develop an effective HR agenda

Careers as a people consultant

Working with organisations to help them get the best out of their people

Careers in people analytics

The heart of evidenced-based decision-making within the people profession

Working in different sectors

One of the great things about working in the people profession is that it enables you to work in any sector. Here’s a little bit more about the different sectors you could work in.

Organisation size matters

The size of the organisation will likely influence whether you take on a generalist or specialist role. In smaller organisations, you may perform a variety of activities as an HR generalist in a stand‐alone capacity. In larger organisations, the greater volume of people roles might typically include both specialist and generalist positions.

Working as a people professional in a small organisation

Find out what HR responsibilities you could be asked to take on in a small organisation

Working as a people professional in a large organisation

Explore the range of HR, L&D and OD roles you could take on in a large organisation.

Working as an independent people consultant

Find out what it's like to work for yourself or be an independent people consultant supporting other organisations with HR, L&D and OD projects.

Take control of your career

Why work in the people profession?

Explore the many rewards of working in the people profession

Career options in the people profession

There’s much more to our profession than HR and L&D – which area would you like to specialise in?

Career guidance

Information and guidance to help you excel in your role, transition into the profession, and manage a career break

Getting in to the people profession

If you’re looking for a career in HR, L&D or any other aspect of the people profession, there’s a route that’ll suit you

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