Our Code of Conduct and Ethics protects the interests of the public and the reputation of our profession. Our Royal Charter demands that we require all of our members – regardless of grade, role or specialism – to uphold the obligations of the code. We encourage our members and our wider community to review the code and use it to reflect on their practice. 

CIPD Chief Executive, Peter Cheese, explains the new Code of Conduct and Ethics, which came into effect on 1 January 2023.

New Code of Conduct and Ethics

On the 1st January 2023 our new Code of Conduct and Ethics came into effect.

The new Code has been brought up to date to make it even more relevant to the challenges faced by the people profession of today.

At its heart are five key virtues:

  • Positive and active impact on working lives
  • Civic virtue and stewardship
  • Good character
  • Professional service and competence
  • Personal responsibility

Read the new Code of Conduct and Ethics >

We encourage all members to familiarise themselves with the new code and use it to reflect on their practice.

Any potential Code breach that has occurred after January 1 2023 will be evaluated against the current Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Previous Code of Professional Conduct

Any potential Code breach that occurred before December 31 2022 will be evaluated against the previous Code of Professional Conduct.

All CIPD Members must commit to upholding and maintaining the standards and behaviours (‘obligations’) set out in our Code of Professional Conduct document. The standards apply equally to all CIPD members regardless of their level of membership.

These obligations are grouped under four principles:

  • Professional competence and behaviour
  • Ethical standards and integrity
  • Representative of the profession
  • Stewardship

Read the Professional Code of Conduct >

If you consider the Code to have been breached, please read How to submit alleged breaches of the code, which explains the matters that we can consider under the code.

Code of Conduct and
Ethics volunteers

A pool of trained volunteer panel members support the CIPD in considering alleged breaches of our Code of Conduct and Ethics

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How to Submit Alleged Breaches of the CIPD Code

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics sets standards for CIPD members as individual professionals. You can submit an allegation if you think a member has breached the code.

Breaches of the Code Cases

If a Conduct Panel finds that the Code has been breached by a member, the CIPD considers whether to publish details of the case, the member and the sanction applied.

Certificates of Good Standing

What to expect if you make a request for a Certificate of Good Standing.