As a member of the CIPD you’re internationally recognised as a people professional at the forefront of knowledge and learning, a status you maintain through your commitment to continuing professional development (CPD).

This commitment reflects positively on you as an individual member, the organisation you work for or with, and the profession as a whole. It’s a commitment that contributes to the reputation of the people profession.

Take ownership of your professional development

CPD is the learning experiences which help you develop and improve your professional practice.  Your ongoing professional development doesn’t come just from formal or course-based learning, it comes from anything that helps you to develop and improve your practice. It could be learning from: 

•    a conversation with a colleague, 
•    doing a new piece of work, 
•    working in a new team, 
•    reading something on LinkedIn, 
•    listening to a podcast,
•    reflecting on the last few months of your work.

Your guide to professional development

This short video highlights the importance of continuing professional development and what you can do to kick start your CPD journey.

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CPD policy and requirements

Meet the CIPD’s high standards for HR professionals by demonstrating your commitment to continuing professional development, as set out in our CPD policy.

Self-Assessment tool

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CIPD Learning hub

The CIPD learning hub is the online platform supporting you to access all of the CIPD's world-class learning programmes. Find out more with CIPD today.

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