The vulnerability of many workers forced to rely on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) during COVID-19, or not being able to access it at all, exposed the fault lines in the UK system. This is not a new issue though, with the 2017 Taylor Review highlighting the need for regulatory changes to support people with long-term health conditions to remain in quality work.

Despite reform of SSP being a key focus of several UK government consultations, there are no plans to take forward any substantive proposals to improve the system.

This paper examines the SSP reforms that the CIPD believes are needed and makes recommendations to outline how public policy and employer practice should work together to support people’s health and employment outcomes.

Download the full policy paper and recommendations overview to find out more

Policy paper: What should an effective sick pay system look like?

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Recommendations overview: What should an effective sick pay system look like?

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Policy recommendations

To adequately support people’s health and employment outcomes, the CIPD’s recommendations for the UK Government and for employers are as follows:

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