Whether businesses want to improve employee motivation, align resources with business goals, or respond quickly to changing circumstances, the need to engage with employee voice is more compelling than ever. Voice is increasingly relevant to several key themes and opportunities including:

  • Securing trust and confidence between employees, leaders and organisations.
  • Creating an inclusive environment.
  • Determining what matters most to stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders and beyond.
  • Harnessing the views of employees.
  • Safeguarding employee wellbeing and business prosperity.
  • Informing organisations’ response to current issues.

Therefore, employee voice is not an isolated initiative and should be considered as part of an organisation’s broader strategy of engagement and motivation.

This guide looks at the role HR can play in maximising the impact of group voice channels within their organisation. Group voice channels include those which enable employee voices to be listened to as a collective, rather than individually. 

Though digital channels are easy to access, having a diverse mix of outlets for two-way communication is more effective in reaching a broader spectrum of your workforce. It is important to note that there isn’t a single approach to employee voice and organisations need to determine what works for them. Therefore, make sure to use a wide range of communications, which may include the following five channels, to empower employee voice.


Employee apps

Focus groups

Employee forums



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