In an ever evolving world of work, it’s important that organisations adapt to ensure businesses performance. This factsheet explains what organisation development (ODV) is, what areas of focus and expertise it involves, and explores what ODV looks like in practice. 

There are many ways to describe organisation development (ODV), all of which share common features despite their varied meanings. In this factsheet we will use the abbreviation ODV rather than OD to distinguish organisation development from organisation design. 

Organisation development – the state of play
and beyond

What's happening in ODV and how can it continue to play an integral role in organisational strategy?

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This factsheet was last updated by Amy Bosley, Research Adviser, CIPD

Amy’s research focuses on organisational design and development and changing people functions and operating models. Before her research career, Amy worked as an HR practitioner during which time she earned a master’s degree in Human Resource Management. 

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