Employer-supported volunteering (ESV) gives employees the opportunity to volunteer during working hours. Organisations have an impact on the communities in which they operate and many employers have introduced different types of volunteering programmes for employees to support community organisations and charities with their time and skills.

This factsheet examines the benefits of ESV for employers, employees and the community itself, and looks at how to put ESV into practice by taking into account organisational, employee and community needs. Lastly, the factsheet explores contemporary critiques of employer-supported volunteering, as well as its proponents. 

This factsheet was last updated by Leah De Silva, Senior Programme Manager, CIPD Trust

Leah De Silva is Senior Programme Manager in the CIPD Trust – she leads on the CIPD Trust’s work to create more inclusive workplaces, managing volunteering and mentoring programmes within the profession, and regularly chairing panel sessions on work to tackle barriers in this space. She’s also a volunteer Trustee in her spare time.

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